Truly Great Coffee

Aztec Coffee was founded to serve gourmet coffee to its customers, while making sure to keep a community focus. Serving the South Texas community iced coffee drinks and hot coffee drinks along with pastries and muffins to compliment your drink choice.



The coffee beans come from the high mountain region of Mexico which produce the best balanced coffee drink experience. Water that is filtered and treated to high standards used in our coffee making process ensure the coffee is perfect for your drink, iced or hot. Trained Baristas that ensure a quality and consistent drink is produced every time to your satisfaction. 

Coffee From The Mountains Of Mexico 


Aztec Coffee uses a city roast for our drip coffee which has a medium brown dry surface to the gourmet coffee bean. We feel this roast  provides the truest taste characteristics individual to each gourmet coffee bean and it's growing region.

Aztec Coffee uses Italian Roast Espresso Blend coffee beans ground fresh daily for our espresso drinks. The sweet, smooth flavor of this specialty coffee makes the aroma a very attractive offer. It contains a delicate body and medium acidity.

Italian Roast is a dark and rich tasting roast which is delicately and evenly roasted to capture the true bold characteristics of the coffee beans. A glossy sheen is created on the outside of the beans from the inner oils of the coffee rising to the surface from the high temperatures necessary for this roast. The proper temperature and time allotted to this degree of roast is even more crucial then the other roasts. Too low of a temperature will not allow the oils of the beans to properly rise to the surface. Too long of a time roasting and too high of a temperature too quickly will not only dry out the beans but allow them to develop improperly creating a coffee that is almost raw on the inside while burnt on the outside. This roast is done under exacting standards to produce the best tasting coffee drink. 


We are committed to our customers and community.

Our commitment to the community and our customers is paramount in our business philosophy. Aztec Coffee is a member of the community and respects everyone in it, our business hopes to grow and benefit the South Texas region and all of our citizens. 

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